Atmos VR

Atmos VR is a company that provides multiple solutions for businesses but their latest project is an VR multiplayer entertainment experience coming to Birmingham this year.

For their latest project I was hired to create a test pattern for headset tracking specifically for zero latency. This pattern would be used on the interior of the building and allow the headset to track where a player is within that building.

To begin with this required meetings with the owner to understand the project, its needs and its wants. After this meeting took place another meeting was then held with the developer at Fennec Labs who then explained in more depth the requirements of the brief including number of panels and panel measurements.

Research was then conducted on zero latency and pattern examples, gaining insight into the fundamentals of the technology and the way it works.

Once this had taken place I created a few sketches of patterns which could be used for this project and after further consultation with Fennec Labs, a decision was made that the geometric pattern would have the best chances of success.

A rough sketch of the layout and number of panels was created so I had a clear outline of the space which I was designing for, which aided me in the document setup of the design itself.

Here is a snippet of the design which was was successful when tested with the headsets.

Screenshot 2021-02-09 at 17.54.01.png