FragBomb is a car air freshener company. This is my logo design and brand guidelines for the business.

The process for this brand identity was as follows:

  • Logo Creation

  • Brand Creation

  • Brand Guidelines

Myself and the owner had an open line of communication as the owner wanted to be involved throughout the entire process and had a specific look in mind which included the colour scheme used.

He has since dropped FragBombs and is now venturing out into Mobile Mechanics. 

Logo Creation

As mentioned the owner had a lot of input in this design but the logo was inspired by the word fragbomb itself. A frag grenade has a pull ring. As initially thoughts of bombs typically incorporate a lit fuse. Therefore, determining the design to have a pull ring. Due to the cartoon nature of the identity block colours were used instead of a realistic look with gradients. The brand name was designed to wrap around the bomb creating a 3D effect. The outlines on the text was done for emphasis and contrast.

Brand Creation

From this logo, we created the brand identity which is displayed in the PDF below of the brand guidelines.

Brand Guidelines