Treats To You

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Treats To You is a shop located in Burntwood associated with Inspiration that can make personalised gifts for any occasion. From Sweet Boxes and pouches to Candle Hampers. 

This is their logo for their products and social media channels. You can order through Facebook or Instagram:

Facebook: @Treatstoyouchasetown

Instagram: @TreatsToYou2020

Or visit Inspiration in Burntwood:

13 High Street,



WS7 3XE.

Treats To You hired me to create a brand identity for their new start-up business. 

For this business my process was as follows:

  • Understanding the business and its needs

  • Drafting rough ideas 

  • Incorporating their primary business, Inspiration

  • Logo Creation

  • Business Card Design

  • Sticker Design

  • Website Design (Coming Soon)

Understanding the business and its needs

This required meeting the business owners, getting to know their products and their aspirations. I also spent a few days in their business operations to gain a deep insight into the family-run business.

Drafting rough ideas

This involved making several rough sketches none of which were taken forward. 

Incorporating their primary business, Inspiration

Due to the sketches not providing any promise for their future. It meant I had to be inspired by what they were producing and selling. My inspiration came from inspiration and more precisely with their sweet bags which ultimately guided me to create their logo with the blue and white stripes. The look and feel had to be bold and bright to resonate with the sweets they were selling which meant block colours, bold fonts but with a fun element that gave way to the sweetheart and lollypop letters. 

Logo Creation

This entailed creating the inspired logo as outlined in the previous step but also this was the integral stage of the brand identity with the blue and white predefined from the packaging they were using I had to create a palette around those colours, which later incorporated a deep and light pink. 

Business Card Design

Now that the logo had been established it was time to get some business stationery for them to advertise as soon as possible. The first task was to design a business card for them.


The design had two sides, with the standard business card size. I then created icons for the important contact information which was being displayed on one side. I also created vector images of sweets, chocolate and cone bags to bring in the fun element of the brand's identity. 


Sticker Design

The final piece of the business stationery was stickers to be used on the pouches and gift boxes. Stickers tend to be simple and therefore the stickers only featured the logo. But two colour variations were produced for the business owners to decide upon one. The second sticker with the deep pink surrounding the logo was decided upon due to the packaging used was either white, or cellophane and this sticker produced the most contrast. 


Website Design

I am currently working on the design for their website as they will be moving online in the coming months.